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A couple of days ago, Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander joined the list of big-name sports stars to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Supermodel girlfriend Kate Upton did the honors, standing on tippy-toe to discharge a pail of ice water on the 6′ 5″ orange-shirted Verlander.

Verlander may be suffering from a sore shoulder, but he was still able to comfortably lift a bucket to return the favor to Upton.

After the exchange, Verlander challenged his brother Ben, Frank Thomas and Andy Roddick. Upton went Hollywood in calling out her “Other Woman” costars Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz.

Two burning questions remain unanswered… first, why was Upton — the famed bikini model — fully clothed during her dousing; and second, why didn’t she include Nicki Minaj in her Ice Bucket Challenge? Enquiring minds want to know!