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Little League catcher Baylor Fredrickson searching for a bone marrow donor.

Michael Lewis, author of the bestseller Moneyball and part-time baseball coach, wrote perhaps his most important story a few days ago. The piece revolves around 6-year-old Baylor Fredrickson, last season’s bright-eyed catcher for the Michael’s Red Wings Little League team. Baylor has been diagnosed with cancer and needs your help finding a bone marrow donor.

Baylor’s hopes for a bone marrow match are complicated by the likely need of a half-Asian, and half-Caucasian donor. No matter what your ethnicity, please share this story or visit Baylor’s Facebook page. Time is of the essence, as there is only a three-month window to identify a donor.

Little League catcher Baylor Fredrickson needs a bone marrow transplant.

If you happen to be in the potential donor pool, it’s relatively straightforward to determine if you can go to bat for Baylor. United States residents who cannot make it to a donor drive can go to the Asian American Donor Program website. A free kit will be mailed to you, which you can use at home and send back. Outside the United States, your country’s program to register can be found at

Michael’s original piece on Baylor can be found on BerkeleySide.