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London mayor Boris Johnson will go to any length to promote the Rugby World Cup, even if it means steamrolling a ten-year-old Japanese boy during a touch rugby game in Tokyo. Toki Sekiguchi survived the collision, but admitted to feeling “a little bit of pain.”

The 2015 Rugby World Cup, which England is hosting, will conclude on October 31 at Twickenham Stadium. Japan will be hosting the next iteration of the Cup in four years.


Johnson, who has the appearance of a slightly beefier Donald Trump, has become a repeat offender when it comes to roughing up youngsters at sporting press events. Almost a year ago to the day, he took out a 9-year-old boy by aggressively sticking out his leg to trip him up.

Adults are no safer from Johnson. In 2006, the chunky Tory applied a brutal rugby tackle during a charity football match versus Germany.