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In an earlier piece we looked at the little-known siblings of soccer stars, but here we take a look at famous footballers that are related to one another.

Lionel Messi-Bojan Krkic family tree

Perhaps none of the familial connections is more surprising than the distant linkage between PSG forward Lionel Messi and Stoke City winger Bojan Krkic who share great great great grandparents.


Krkik played on the same Barcelona team as Messi for a few years, and even broke his distant cousin’s club record as the youngest player to debut with the first team at 17 years 19 days.

Lionel Messi-Bojan Krkic genealogy

In 2011, the pair’s common Catalonian ancestry came to light and went viral with a graphic shared to Imgur. It all started in 1846 when Mariano Perez Miralles got hitched to Teresa Llobera Minguet. The rest, as they say, is history…