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Madison Bumgarner stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and gifted the host with a pair of “Mad Bum” underwear. Fallon wasted no time in pulling the skivvies on over his pants to perform a ‘brief’ dance in front of the camera.


Another gem from the interview included Bumgarner describing the uncomfortably long trek from the bullpen to take the mound at the Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. “At that time we’re in Kansas City obviously, as soon as the gates open it just goes crazy,” Bumgarner said. “Booing me and hating on me, so I really wanted to start crying and run back to the bullpen.”

''It's so much further than you think to the mound from the bullpen. I'm used to going from the dugout which is 80 feet to the mound, and I'm having to run 400 feet to the mound and pitch.”
— Madison Bumgarner, on pitching Game 7 in Kansas City

Still, at least the Giants pitcher got to make the walk, unlike his avatar in the 8-bit NES classic RBI Baseball.