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This past weekend, one-time gymnast Meagan Martin became just the third female ever to complete an American Ninja Warrior qualifying course. She completed the course on a chilly night in Denver — a feat made all the more impressive considering it was her first time competing on the show.

Gymnasts are making quite a name for themselves in this season’s ANW competition. In the Dallas qualifiers, it was former NCAA Division I Gymnast-of-the-Year Kacy Catanzaro becoming the first ever female to complete a course. Then in Miami, it was former Michigan State gymnast Melanie Hunt making it to the final obstacle and coming within a few centimeters of finishing.

Meagan Martin rock climber, American Ninja Warrior contestant

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Martin was active in gymnastics in her youth, and competed in the pole vault at Vanderbilt. She has since focused her attention on rock climbing, and has become one of the best climbers in the country male or female. Any way you cut it, the girl’s a total rock star…