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Officially recognized in 1988, but traditionally observed for centuries by fans of Archimedes, Pi Day occurs each year on March 14th and is generally regarded as an excuse to geek out and overindulge in circular pastries.


Pi Day 2015 — notably celebrated by the New York Jets — was the kind that rolls around only once a century as it added another two digits to the sequence (3/14/15 are the first five digits of π).

This year, we content ourselves with a video from NBC Sports that explores the “freaky statistical anomalies that connect the world of sports to everyone’s favorite mathematical constant.”


For those wishing to take a more active role in the holiday, there is the Pi Day 5K, which can be participated in no matter where one lives.

The Pi Day 5K is an opportunity for runners and math enthusiasts alike to celebrate Pi Day by traversing 3.1416 miles (or 5.05334 kilometers for those adherents of the metric system) under their own power. It’s also an effective way to burn off the calories from that third helping of Mom’s apple pie.