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Pirates shortstop Jordy Mercer hit a two-run, fourth-inning homer off of Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum in a Wednesday afternoon game. Following a flight path Rory McIlroy would applaud, the ball travelled over 350 feet to find the middle of a fan’s beer cup.

The Pirates ended up losing the game 7-5 — and the fan was out the cost of one of AT&T park’s pricy beers — but the resulting video clip was a win for Vine and found art connoisseurs.

Note the various reactions to the ball’s approach — like the kid in the white Giants’ jersey who latently tracks the ball’s trajectory with his glove, or the backward-capped fan that squeezes air with his fist as the ball zips by. Taken as a whole, the scene resembles an animated Norman Rockwell painting with sundry stories coming together against the backdrop of the most American of all venues.

More abstractedly, notice how the resulting splash momentarily resembles an over-easy egg. The beer foam is pushed outward while the heavier amber-colored brew stays centrally located to give the appearance of an egg yoke. The spectacle brings to mind the mesmerizing liquid dance of a splash captured in super slow motion.