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Jon Hamm is a big baseball fan and soon-to-be St. Louis Cardinals’ bobblehead. Attendees of the August 18th game at Busch Stadium, will receive a big-headed replica of the stubble-faced Mad Men star.

Hamm made news last month when he said that Don Draper, the character he plays on Mad Men, would never be a Yankees fan, but would go for the Mets instead. Hamm, himself, grew up in St. Louis and recollects fondly the speed-burning Cardinals players like Vince Coleman, Willie McGee, Tommy Herr, and Ozzie Smith.

Hamm has no doubt about the Cardinals best player of all time. He lauded Stan Musial to USA Today:

''When he died last year and you read all the obituaries and posthumous things about him, it read like fiction... Not only his numbers, just his contributions to the team, the city, the league, the country.”
—John Hamm, on the St. Louis Cardinals' Stan Musial