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Spain was unceremoniously eliminated from World Cup competition after dropping two of three matches in group play. The Czech Republic missed out on the tournament altogether. That didn’t keep Rafael Nadal and Lukas Rosol from providing a vicarious bit of football fun for their respective countrymen during their Wimbledon meeting.

Rosol’s shot on goal from forty yards was deftly deflected by a flick of Nadal’s left foot.

The tennis match even had a bit of World Cup-style intrigue. Rosol, in a Luis Suarez-inspired bit of gamesmanship, used his racquet to knock over Nadal’s carefully aligned water bottles. Nadal weathered the affront to his meticulous sense of order — maintained his focus (and hydration) — and was able to dispatch Rosol in four sets.

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It was a sweet bit of revenge for the Spaniard, as he had been eliminated from Wimbledon in a shocking upset by Rosol two years ago.