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Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne knows how to play to a hometown audience. In a pitch-perfect display of style, power and localism, he arrived at the Colts’ training camp in an IndyCar.

''At first I was kind of hoping we had a police escort so we didn't have to stop at lights.”
— Ed Carpenter, on driving Reggie Wayne to camp in an IndyCar

Wayne has a history of finding interesting rides to camp. Last year he made his entrance in a helicopter, and in years past he arrived via a bus filled with children, a military convoy, and a dump truck.

Imagine if Wayne’s WWE-style showmanship started a league-wide trend. Richard Sherman could parachute into the Seahawks’ camp from a Seattle-built Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. Or Chargers running back Ryan Matthews could sail into camp on the San Diego-based USS Rushmore. Now that would be something to behold.