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The summer of 2014 was rife with cross-sports activity by big name basketball stars. Kobe Bryant was seen playing soccer in Brazil and softball in Seattle; Dirk Nowitzki played soccer in New York and baseball in Texas; and Paul Pierce had a nice run at the World Series of Poker. Then Dwyane Wade’s name was added to the list.

Wade demonstrated his skills as a football wideout at his Chicago camp. Chicago wide receiver Brandon Marshall played the role of quarterback and pizza boxes stacked on folding chairs served as stationary defenders. While Marshall’s pass was suspect, Wade’s one-handed grab showed potential.

''I'm not saying I could play in the NFL... I'm just saying the boy wasn't bad in his day.”
— Dwyane Wade, on his football skills

What’s interesting is that in the past it was Wade’s former teammate LeBron James that was frequently cited as having NFL potential at tight end or wide receiver. With Wade’s flash of brilliance, who knows what the future might bring. Imagine Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel having Wade and James as targets.