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On June 26th, the Cavaliers ultimately decided to select Mitchell Andrew Wiggins No. 1 in the NBA Draft after taking a long hard look at Jabari Parker (who was subsequently snatched up by the Milwaukee Bucks). Yesterday, lost in all the hoopla surrounding LeBron James’ big announcement, the two top picks squared off in NBA Summer League action.

Round one of Wiggins vs. Parker went narrowly to the high-flying Canadian. Wiggins netted a game-high 18 points in leading the Cavaliers to a 70-68 victory. Parker was just one off the pace with 17 points, which included some highlight-worthy finger rolls at the rim.


In other tangentially-related news, free-agent Ray Allen posted a pitcher of orange juice to Instagram. Cavs’ fans tried to infer the three-point specialist’s preferred NBA destination from the pic, while Allen waxed philosophical on obsession with basketball.

''I post a picture about orange juice and all you guys care about is to talk about basketball. There is more to life.”
— Ray Allen, on his orange juice photo