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It’s been a rough year for ceremonial first pitches in baseball — notably, 50 Cent, Bob Costas and Miss Texas Monique Evans served up some real humdingers. But the Giants may have redeemed the practice with back-to-back beauties to conclude the season at AT&T Park.

First, it was the unflappable Mo’Ne Davis delivering a gorgeous strike from MLB-distance to open Game 4 of the World Series.

Arrayed around the mound to watch Davis work her magic from up close, were United States’ Little League Champions Jackie Robinson West.


On Sunday, Robin William’s son Zack opened up Game 5 by delivering a sweet Eephus pitch to friend of the family and longtime Yankee fan Billy Crystal.

Can the Royals keep a good thing going with their designated throwers for Game 6 and a possible Game 7? Stay tuned…