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With another NBA season about to get underway, we thought we would take a look at some of the fun that transpired over in seasons past. Enjoy a compilation of players’ inane gibberish when words are put in their mouths…


Many have wondered what whispered bits of wisdom James utters when he blocks his mouth from lip readers with a raised jersey, but now — thanks to the Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube — we have the answers.

Bad Lip Reading with Lonzo Ball and LeBron James

Turns out LeBron is very specific in his instructions to fellow players, or at least with regards to Lonzo Ball. Other gems gleaned from BLR’s video include Russell Westbrook‘s surprising admission that he woke up in the desert holding a knife, the first time James Harden met a vagabond he smiled at him, and Steph Curry thinks mostly about the handwriting of delightful goats or something.