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While Super Bowl XLIX provided plenty of on-field drama, a large portion of the news was generated after the game – including Seahawks coach Pete Carroll addressing his controversial goal-line call on The Today Show. Here we wrap up all the post-game happenings.


Nothing from the epic Super Bowl halftime performance captured as much of a media feeding frenzy as the choreographically-challenged Left Shark that performed behind Katy Perry.

One enterprising soul used his 3-D printer to make a left shark replica and was promptly sued by Perry’s lawyers.


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski lived up to his party boy rep during the team’s Super Bowl victory parade. He chugged, then spiked a beer…

… waggled his tongue while shaking his plus-sized booty out of a bus window…

… and posed with a bra thrown at him by a female admirer.

''They went hard at us and then I got pushed or something and I was like, 'Screw it, last game of the year? I'm throwing some haymakers.'”
— Rob Gronkowski on Super Bowl fight

Gronk even took time out from partying, to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he explained his role in the fracas that occurred at the end of the game.


Malcolm Butler was the recipient of a brand-spanking new Chevrolet Colorado truck, after Tom Brady paid his Super Bowl MVP prize forward. Brady knows how his bread was buttered – without Butler’s last-minute pick, it would have been Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson walking away with the win and MVP honors.


Lastly, a University of Illinois-Chicago student, attempted, with some success, to use quotes from Marshawn Lynch’s news conference to pick up women on campus. According to Henry Pye, the sophomore who stars in the video, the most successful line was, “Thank you for asking about my stomach.” Your welcome.