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In our #TattooTuesday series we scour fandom to highlight the most-impressive tattoos celebrating a particular team from one of the big-five sports — soccer, baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

Tattoo Tuesday highlights best fan ink from the sports world

Few acts show one’s commitment to a particular sports team as getting a tattoo of their logo or one of the franchise’s star players. This week we head to shores of the Mersey Estuary to look at the best-of-the-best Liverpool FC fans’ ink from North West England and beyond.


In the video above, former Liverpool defender Daniel Agger gets tattooed by world-famous tattoo artist Ami James. Agger gets a pair of liver birds — the symbol of Liverpool — done on his fingers while he shares the story behind the YNWA (You’ll Never Walk Alone) tattoo on his knuckles. What follows are some of best tattoos proving each recipient’s diehard allegiance to The Reds.


Liverpool has had a host of legends don their kit over the years, and this calf tattoo features not one, nor two, but three of them.


We start the list off a liver bird and YNWA parchment expertly rendered in dimensional grayscale with black ink.


This tattoo was so perfectly executed by Torbos Tattoos in Maghull that it’s easy to believe the recipient was actually born with a logo just beneath his skin.


Here’s another fine example of a skin-rip tattoo. This time it appears as if an internal liver bird is trying to break free of the owner’s calf by clawing its way out. If you want one like it, you’ll need to head 100 kilometers east of Liverpool to Wills Customs Tattoo Studio in Doncaster.


The ornate sleeve tattoo above would look as at home in the Liverpool Museum, as on the wearer’s arm.


No Liverpool FC tattoo collection would be complete without renditions of its two best footballers. As a player, No. 7 Kenny Dalglish helped the Reds to six league winner’s medals and three European Cups, as well as an FA Cup and four League Cups.

Steven Gerrard was the Reds’ greatest player in the Premier League era. No. 8 was the only footballer in history to score in an FA Cup Final, a League Cup Final, a UEFA Cup Final and a UEFA Champions League Final, winning on each occasion.

While Gerrard was poetry in motion on the pitch, his artistic skills are another matter altogether as evidenced in the above video. If you’re looking to get inked with a liver bird of your own, best to look elsewhere…