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There’s an American Ninja Warrior dynamic duo emerging from the Lone Star state in the form of obstacle-racing legend Kacy Catanzaro and newcomer Barclay Stockett. Stockett was inspired to try out for ANW after seeing Catanzaro’s historic runs in 2014, and has since helped motivate her hero (and newfound friend) to redouble her own competitive drive. Here’s how the newly-minted “Twinjas” performed at ANW’s San Antonio City Finals…


Catanzaro went through a bit of a rough patch the last couple of seasons on American Ninja Warrior, but has since reclaimed the steady resolve that made her the show’s first mainstream sensation.

The Lady of the Rings: Kacy Catazaro shines at 'American Ninja Warrior' San Antonio City Finals

After being thwarted by the Ring Jump in the qualifying round, a relaxed and smiling Catanzaro muscled her way past the obstacle in the city finals and proceeded all the way to the Warped Wall.


Following Catanzaro’s run, Stockett — also known as the Sparkle Ninja — did her idol one better. The five-foot phenom not only became the shortest competitor ever to make it up the Warper Wall, but she also scaled the Salmon Ladder before misplaying the Hourglass Drop.

'American Ninja Warrior' Twinjas: Gymnasts Kacy Catanzaro and Barclay Stockett

With their gutsy performances, both of the Twinjas advanced to the Las Vegas National Finals. Stay tuned for more heroics…