Sideline semantics: Bad lip reading with Eagles DE Brandon Graham, Chris Long et al.

Sideline semantics: Bad lip reading with Eagles DE Brandon Graham, Chris Long et al.

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With almost a year to go before Super Bowl LIII will be contested in Atlanta, Georgia, pro football fans can bide their time enjoying a compilation of player’s inane gibberish from the past season…


Even when the utterances of basketball players are not directly heard, they can often be made out by lip readers due to their proximity to fans and lack of headgear. Football, on the other hand, can be a real challenge — and that’s where the YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading comes in.

Bad Lip Reading presents NFL 2018 with Eagles DE Brandon Graham

In Bad Lip Reading’s NHL 2018 episode we learn that Super Bowl LII hero Brandon Graham can’t wait to get home to play The Sims, Matthew Stafford has a thing for tambourines, Andrew Luck talks to ghosts, and Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott is in search of a harpoon.


Football players aren’t the only sports stars to receive the Bad Lip Reading treatment. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor were given plenty of silly things (well, sillier) to beef about in the build up to their 2017 boxing match. The former even debuted an original song…


Watch out Rinoldo
At the fancy feast
I came for the fro-yo
And then I look around and there’s
One deer
Two deers
Three deers
Four deers
Then my little friend says “So many deers!”
I don’t belong in this deer pack
Watch out Rinoldo
Watch out Rinoldo

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