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Odell Beckham Jr. starred in high school at New Orleans’ Newman High before dazzling college fans at LSU, then pro football diehards in New York, and to a lesser extent in Cleveland. Where his talents will take him next is still anybody’s guess, but it’s sure to make headlines.

Cold as Balls: Chill Guests and Hot Conversation with Kevin Hart

To get to the striped-down essence of what fueled OBJ’s success, requires an expert interviewer… a couple of tubs and lots of ice.


On LOL Network’s Cold as Balls series, comedian Kevin Hart interviews famous sports stars while he and his guest sit in tubs filled with ice water. In this episode from early 2019, Hart chatted with OBJ about his career, Drake and one-handed grabs.

''When I was in college, I was like I want to win a National Championship. Made it to the National Championship, got blown out. I said I wanted to win a Heisman, was never close. Wanted to be a top-ten pick, was the twelfth pick. The only thing I had left was Rookie of the Year.''

— Odell Beckham Jr., on setbacks


In an earlier comic bit from Hart, some video trickery was used to put the actor in the starring role from a number of iconic NFL plays with the notable exception of OBJ’s spectacular reception versus the Dallas Cowboys.