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Most people will never go sky diving over the course of their lifetime, let alone attempt a BASE jump. Miles Daisher, on the other hand, is what you might call a frequent flyer.


In 2017, Daisher spent the longest day of the year hurling himself off a bridge – 63 times, to be exact. The feat earned him the record for the most unassisted BASE jumps in 24 hours.

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An unassisted BASE jump means an outside source (like an elevator or crane) cannot be utilized to return to the jump point. As such, Miles had to hike back to the top of the bridge for every single jump.


Daisher set his record at 486-foot tall Perrine Bridge, which carries US Highway 93 over the Snake River Canyon at Twin Falls, Idaho.

Daisher’s combined climbs up from the river bed exceeded the height of Mount Everest.

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Daisher original record of 57 jumps stood until 2016, when Dan Weiland jumped 61 times in 24 hours. In addition to reclaiming the 24-hour unassisted record, Daisher also holds the record for most BASE jumps ever, with 4,520 (and counting) to his credit.


Talk about racking up frequent flier miles… prior to his antics in Idaho, Daisher travelled to the Lost City of Petra in Jordan, where he executed a hair-raising BASE jump in a narrow canyon just 100-feet wide.