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Former Giants slugger Barry Bonds may or may not be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame one day, but a photo of him as a baby baseball player is a shoe in for the Hall of Cuteness.

San Francisco fans will no doubt be disturbed by the implications of the pinstripes, but apparently .


There’s been no more productive father and son duo in Major League Baseball than Bobby and Barry Bonds — actually, no pairing even comes close.

Ken Griffey and Junior had a combined WAR (wins against replacement) of 118. Eddie Collins and Junior had a combined WAR of 122.9. Bobby and Barry Bonds finished their careers with a mind-numbing combined WAR of 220.1, which includes 15 All-Star appearances, 11 Gold Gloves, and 1,094 home runs.

Barry’s son Nikolai appears not to be pursuing sports career, but if baseball talent is encoded in DNA, one can only wonder how the next-generation Bonds might have fared on the diamond.