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When Dude Perfect released their first Airplane Trick Shots video, it caused stock in foam glider toy companies to more than quintuple in value. Now they’re back and taking things to new heights…


With the glider nose embellished with a protruding toothpick, a number of the trick shots involved the popping of a balloon. But the video kicks off with a William Tell-esque trust shot in which Tyler Toney sends a glider sailing just above Cody Jones‘s head to break a candy-plastic bottle.

The trust-shot trope was working so well for the trick-shot troupe that Panda got in on the action.


As epic as Dude Perfect’s video is, YouTuber Nick Uhas raised the foam glider stakes even higher. He hiked up to the tallest point he had access too (Mt. Allen in the Santa Monica Mountains) and threw his Go-Pro equipped glider out into the wind. The result, as you can see in the above video, is mind blowing.