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The NCAA has the College Football Playoff and the National Football League has the Super Bowl, but only Dude Perfect has the Slip’N Slide Football Battle, and it’s a doozy…


The format of the battle was straightforward: after three challenges the player with the most points would be awarded their own giant-sized Topps playing card. First up was the Slip’N Kick in which each of the Dude Perfect crew attempted a field goal from the baby-oil coated Slip’N Slide.

Dude Perfect: Slip'N Slide Football Battle

Next up were the Slip’N Catch and Kiddie Pool Minefield events. In the end, Cody Jones 16-point performance in the last challenge was enough to thwart Tyler Toney’s attempt to steal a victory.

Dude Perfect poses with giant-sized football cards

Dude Perfect’s crew members each got a giant-sized football card from Topps for their efforts, but you can make your own without getting all wet and slimy with Starr Cards Football Card Maker app.


Wham-O’s Slip’N Slide has been around since 1961 when it was invented by Robert Carrier. Billed as “The Original Water Slide”, the toy is suggested for use by kids ages 5 to 12, but in real-world deployment it isn’t unusual to find “kids” five times as old flying down the yellow plastic strip.