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The last time we checked in with Australian YouTubers How Ridiculous they were excitedly bearing witness as their version of Thor’s hammer easily smashed through a sheet of bulletproof glass and an Atlas stone. Now the hammer’s back and the stakes have been raised…


While Thor’s hammer was able to crack open a massive Atlas stone, would it have similar destructive success with an itsy-bitsy, super-hard diamond?

How Ridiculous headed to their favorite haunt at the Gravity Discovery Centre north of Perth to unleash the 100 kg hammer from the Leaning Tower of Gingin. It took a few drops, but ultimately it was surmised that the hammer was indeed able to reduce the sparkler to fairy dust.


Next up, the rematch between the hammer and bulletproof glass, but this time the latter was double layered. Had the mythical weapon of mass destruction finally met its match?

With a Go Pro camera along for the ride the hammer was dropped for 45 meters onto the glass, which this time bent, but did not break under the intense pressure. Inexplicably, the How Ridiculous crew didn’t give the hammer a second crack at breaking through. Stay tuned…