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The above video presents celebrities three at a time, then reveals the soccer/football team that the trio supports. Be prepared to pause the video as each new batch of celebs is presented to see if you can guess their favored club before it is revealed.

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You probably already knew that recently-deceased Kobe Bryant (pictured above with former Barca forward Thierry Henry) was a big FC Barcelona supporter, but did you know Shakira and Snoop Dogg are also on board with the Blaugrana?


The second round of celebrity fans is heavy on British notables, so guessing the linkages may be extra challenging for those living outside the realm.

While Hugh Jackman is an Australian product, his favorite football club is Norwich City, which calls England’s Norfolk county home.


For extra credit, take a stab at connecting various political bigwigs with their favorite soccer teams. Note the diverse picks among England royal family members Prince William, Prince Harry, Duchess Catherine Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II.