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Never bet against Canadian ice hockey commentator Don Cherry dancing to techno music on Times Square for a NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs compilation, because he’s been there, done that — just not this year… yet.


The only thing surprising about the video is that Cherry’s suit is positively vanilla given his predilection for eye-popping threads. In fact, his only rival in the realm of outrageously attired sports commentators is Craig Sager, who shed his colorfully-attired mortal coil in 2016.

The many technicolor suits of hockey commentator Don Cherry

You would think for getting his groove on in the heart of the Big Apple, Cherry could have found something with a little more pizzazz — like the neon-green blazer pictured above (end of the first row).


Cheery isn’t just about the techno dance moves, he’s got vocals too, albeit ear-agonizing ones.