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It’s no secret that Dude Perfect’s Tyler Toney is a huge hockey fan and love his home state “Sheriffs” on ice, so it was only fitting that DP’s long overdue return to hockey trick shots should include Dallas Stars forwards Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin…


Dude Perfect’s hockey trick shots video starts off with a bang as Benn sends a puck halfway around the rink along the boards and up a ramp to knock a mini traffic cone off Panda’s head.

Later Seguin flashes his brilliance with a 7-10 Split trick shot, wherein he sends a puck sliding toward the goal which he then hits with a second puck such that the two strike targets positioned on opposite sides of the goal.


Five years earlier the trick-shot crew from Frisco, Texas partnered with the same Dallas Stars pair (albeit clean shaven) for their first hockey trick shots video which saw Benn giving Tyler Toney grief for wearing socks with sandals.