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In our #TattooTuesday series we will be scouring fandom to highlight the most-impressive tattoos celebrating a particular team from one of the big-five sports — football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer.

Tattoo Tuesday highlights best fan ink from the sports world

Few acts show one’s commitment to a particular sports team as getting a tattoo of their logo or one of the franchise’s star players. This week we head north to look at the best-of-the-best Maple Leafs fans’ ink from Toronto and beyond.


Due to their appealing shape, maple leaves have long been a popular pick for a tattoo design, irrespective of whether the recipient hails from Toronto or is even a hockey fan. Unlike the generic designs featured in the above video, what follows are some of best tattoos explicitly showing the recipient’s diehard allegiance to the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Our first entrant looks like a menacing cross between a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle and an ent from Lord of the Rings.


The cleanly rendered maple leaf above is adorned with the Toronto skyline complete with the CN Tower and a No. 13, famously worn by Hall of Fame Leafs center Mats Sundin.

Another take on the same theme, with a more photorealistic rendition of the Toronto’s iconic buildings.


Amateur powerlifter Hilary had the ink refreshed on her whimsically-lettered arm decoration for one very-blue Maple Leafs tattoo.


Fans Toronoto Maple Leafs tattoo becomes Ford Mustang ad

Talk about having some skin in the game… Saving the best for last, this Bleed Blue tattoo is a full-back number so impressive that Ford turned it into an ad for their Mustang sports car.