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Sand Sharks pitcher Jason Boulais is bringing new meaning to the save in baseball. Rather than attempting to successfully close a game, he’s foregoing the remainder of his senior season at the University of South Carolina Beaufort to earn the ultimate save — a human life.

Sand Sharks pitcher Jason Boulais baseball card


After singing up as a bone marrow donor last year, Boulais recently got a call informing him of a match with a French boy. The six-foot-one fireballer didn’t hesitate in agreeing to an April surgery that will likely mean an end to his baseball career.

''I was happy to be able to potentially help somebody out, save someone's life. It's a blessing to have something I can be proud to do.”
— Sand Sharks pitcher Jason Boulais

Boulais isn’t looking for accolades, but one has to imagine he’s a shoe in to win the Sun Conference Champion of Character award this year.