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Nike and Reebok’s worst nightmare may be the appendages attached at birth to legs everywhere, otherwise known as feet. As barefoot running grows in popularity it seems there is no limit to how far shoe-free athletes can go…


In 2014, a 28-year-old bartender from Savannah, Georgia, who had only been running for less than three years and never owned a pair of running shoes, set a new world record by covering 136.98 miles in 24 hours — barefoot.

Andrew Snope set the record running laps inside the Alaska Dome in Anchorage. He broke Peter Wayne Botha’s mark of 131.43 miles set the previous year in Auckland, New Zealand.

''You feel pretty ecstatic. Your senses are really heightened. To take a shower is ecstasy. To sit down is mind-blowing.''

— Andrew Snope, to Alaska Dispatch News

Snope’s amazing feet were none the worse for wear after his amazing feat. A non-stop day of running had failed to produce any of the blisters that are the bane of shoed ultramarathoners.


As incredible as Snope’s record is, it may not be long lived. Alex Ramsey, who goes by the moniker “Barefoot Alex“, is already wondering about the possibility of breaching the 140-mile mark in 24 hours.

In addition to a possible assault on the nascent world record, the fun-loving, tie-dye-wearing Ramsey made a cross-continental run in 2015… barefoot, of course.