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In our #TattooTuesday series we scour fandom to highlight the most-impressive tattoos celebrating a particular team from one of the big-five sports — football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer.

Tattoo Tuesday highlights best fan ink from the sports world

Few acts show one’s commitment to a particular sports team as getting a tattoo of their logo or one of the franchise’s star players. This week we head to the Pacific Northwest to look at the best-of-the-best Seattle Seahawks fans’ ink from Seattle and beyond.


Featured in the above video, Seahawks uberfan Bryan, aka “HawkFiend”, has a Seahawks tattoo collection you gotta’ see to believe. What follows are some of best tattoos proving each recipient’s diehard allegiance to the Seattle Seahawks.


Whilst attending road games, our first entrant can hide her affiliation with Legion of Boom by simply wearing sneakers. At all other times her foot is bowed and ready to go.


Totem poles have long been associated with Seattle even though the indigenous people of Washington state, known as the Coast Salish, did not traditionally carve totems. That didn’t keep this particular fan from employing the symbol with elan.


Tattoo artist Sailor Marc executed this pugnacious pug bedecked in Seahawks’ gear at Cicada Tattoo on Aurora Avenue.


The latest movie in the Predator saga might have laid an egg at the box office (or is it Alien that lays eggs?), but this tattoo scores a defensive touchdown with a rendering of a Seahawk predator morbidly admiring the remains of a San Francisco 49er.


Color tattoos really stand out, but so do classic black-and-white numbers when rendered like the amazingly-dimensional one pictured above.


This tattoo from Zombie Nun at Echo Tattoo captures all the symbols of Seattle in one seamless whole. Starting at the bottom and moving up the arm, we have the iconic No. 12 representing Seahawks fans’ role in the football team’s success, the Pacific Ocean, the Seahawks logo, the Seattle skyline and finally the Vince Lombardi Trophy from Super Bowl XLVIII.


Judging by the following tattoos, the Seahawks have a number of fictional fans from pop culture…

… including Mickey Mouse, who was born in Southern California and is natural prey for hawks…

… an Imperial bad guy from Star Wars, even though none of Seattle’s official colors matches storm-trooper white…

… a sea green Care Bear…

… and, lastly, Hello Kitty.