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While Tom Brady was making news jumping off a cliff a couple weeks ago, J.J. Watt was attempting to jump up a cliff — a 61-inch cliff to be exact. Watt successfully elevated through the first 60 inches of his standing box jump, but the last one remained elusive.

In his flailing descent back to earth, the 293-lb Houston Texan defensive end almost flattened his spotter.


As anyone that knows anything about the former Wisconsin Badgers All-American can tell you, no stinkin’ box is going to keep Watt down for long. So this week it was try, try again for Justin James, and lo and behold, look who came out on top.


Watt’s springs for legs put him in elite company. In 2011, Darren Jackson of Raw Strength and Conditioning in Australia set a then Guinness mark for the Highest Standing Box Jump at 58.1 inches

That was topped a year later with a 60-inch jump by Justin Bethel at Presbyterian College Athletics Gym based in Clinton, South Carolina.

Later the same year, Kevin Bania of Milwaukee’s Cream City CrossFit set a new unofficial record at 64.4375 in.

If Watt can continue to add an inch per month to his jump, he’ll be on pace to be the new world record holder in the standing box jump just before football season kicks off. Just another little something to put in the heads of opposing quarterbacks.


In the meantime, Watt may be spotted out and about with recent sidekick Caroline Wozniacki. At 5′ 10″ she’s much too tall for him to jump on her head, but at least if they play tennis he can jump over the net should he find a way to prevail against the former World No. 1 women’s player.