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On Tuesday, aspiring big leaguer Tim Tebow forever left behind his triple aught batting average in Arizona Fall League. Facing Chicago Cubs pitching prospect Duane Underwood, the New York Mets signee collected a line-drive single to end his 0-13 start following his October 11 debut.

''It feels good. I feel more and more comfortable with every at-bat, just seeing pitches, getting rhythm and timing down.''

— Tim Tebow, on his first hit

Tebow’s next at bat didn’t go as well, as he was rung up by left-handed pitcher David Speer…

Following the game, the left fielder’s batting average sits at .067 (1-for-15) with six strikeouts and three walks.


Tebow’s pro debut in the Mets instructional league got off to a considerably more auspicious start. On September 28, in his first at bat, he hammered a home run off of St. Louis Cardinals pitching prospect John Kilichowski.

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Tebow’s dream of making the big leagues has divided commentators into two camps — there are those, like Skip Bayless, who are convinced the Heisman trophy winner’s athleticism and character give him a viable shot, while others, like Shannon Sharpe, are convinced it’s merely a publicity stunt.

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As for Tebow himself, he seems content to swing for the fences while sneaking in plugs for his new book Shaken.