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At the Track and Field World Championships in Beijing, Usain Bolt easily won the 200-meter title after pulling away from Justin Gatlin over the final 50 meters. Bolt’s time of 19.56 was his first sub-20 second performance of the season, but significantly off his world record time of 19.19.


A Segway-riding cameraman, closely following Bolt on his victory lap, clipped the railcam railing causing him to lose balance. His high tech two-wheeler crashed into the back of the runner’s legs, causing both men to end up sprawled on the track.

''I have a few cuts, but it's nothing I haven't done to myself in training. I wasn't looking. I was waving to the crowd, and I just felt something take me out.''

— Usain Bolt, on his misfortune to BBC Radio

Bolt eventually got up to check the condition of his calves and later reported he would be good to go in Saturday’s 4x100m relay. In the post-race press conference, Bolt joked that he was trying to start a rumor that Justin Gatlin had paid the Segway driver off. Not missing a beat, Gatlin responded that he wanted his money back, because the cameraman didn’t finish his job.