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This #WorkoutWednesday, Performix athlete and overall fitness badass Michael Vazquez shares his ultimate full-body routine to help you develop explosive, real strength.


Once you’ve completed Vazquez’s quick warm-up, get ready to shift into overdrive. The key to his full-body workout is to keep your rest to an absolute minimum. On each superset or triset, go from one exercise to the other with no breaks in between. You can only rest after you’ve completed the 2-3 exercises as prescribed.

You may need to do fewer reps or fewer sets than originally prescribed in the video, but do what you can do at your current fitness level. Stick with it and you will become better and more efficient at it.


Vazquez has created a signature training style and a body marked by speed, power, and real strength. He may have started out overweight and unhappy, but today he’s known worldwide for his monster workouts and is a proud role model to his son.