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Before last week’s NCAA wrestling tournament began, Kyven Gadson penned himself a two-page letter to himself outlining what he would have to do to win the 197-pound title. He did not include instructions as to how he would respond in the post-victory interview.

''I just want some ice cream, man. I just want some ice cream.”
— Kyven Gadson, 197-pound wrestling champion


Gadson already has a wrestling move named after him — the very move he used to pin his way to the 197-pound championship versus Ohio State’s Kyle Snyder — so why not an ice cream flavor?

Will the Moo Roo Ice Cream Parlor in his hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, step up to the mat and add a Ginger, Green Tea, Gummy Bear, or Guava Gadson selection to their menu?

Moo Roo Ice Cream Parlor in Waterloo, Iowa