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The Dude Perfect crew is back after their recent water bottle-flipping foray to partake in a four event football challenge vs the NFL’s Mike Evans, Tyrann Mathieu and Ezekiel Elliott.

Mike Evans, Tyrann Mathieu and Ezekiel Elliott take on Dude Perfect

Using a Madden 17 scoring system Coby Cotton got DP off to a good start by defeating Mike Evans in a blind-punting challenge 82-68. Tyrann Mathieu put the NFL up by prevailing 86-41 over Tyler Toney in a left-handed throwing challenge, before Elliott padded the lead with a 89-65 victory in cowboy-boot punting, and Evans sealed the deal by going 5-for-5 as a bull-riding receiver.


February of last year, Dude Perfect hosted the NFL’s most famous wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. for an trick shots video in which the New York Giants star showcased his hybrid impressive basketball-football skills. Alas, Beckham Jr. wasn’t challenged to catch while bull riding, so Evans