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Stage one of the American Ninja Warrior Vegas Finals aired on NBC last night, and they saved the best run for last. Hair-free stock trader Kevin Bull breezed to the buzzer more than ten seconds faster than the next best racer, curly-maned opera singer Daniel Gil.


Bull, with a year of specific training under his belt, had little trouble in getting by the Silk Slider obstacle that got the best of him at last year’s ANW Finals. After that, apart from a slight slip on the Jumping Spider, he breezed through the remaining obstacles including the new-fangled Sonic Curve.


Bull burst onto the ANW as a rookie last year, when he improvised his way through the Cannonball Alley obstacle that had thwarted all earlier contestants at the Venice City Finals. While the Scotts Valley, California resident chose to go upside down à la Spiderman to navigate the final ball grip, he later revealed that his preferred superpower would be Wolverine‘s quick healing capability.


Bull’s hairless look is due to an aggressive form of alopecia areata — an auto-immune skin disease that he’s never allowed to slow him down.

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Bull’s ANW appearances have given courage to children nationwide afflicted with similar hair loss. He spoke this year at Alopeciapalooza with fellow alopecian Anthony Carrigan, who plays Victor Zsasz on Gotham.


Next up for Bull is his first crack at Stage 2 of the Vegas Finals course, which will air on September 14. This coming Monday, NBC will be showing the second half of the field take on Stage 1, including ninja couple Brent Steffensen & Kacy Catanzaro, and fan favorite Meagan Martin.

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