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Team Ninja Warrior got off to a dramatic start on the USA Network on Tuesday night, with Party Time’s Jake Murray (aka the Amurraycan Ninja) staging a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Norcal Ninjas’ Brian Kretsch in their head-to-head meeting on the obstacle course.

Jake Murray aka Amurraycan Ninja hops like Frogger on 'Team Ninja Warrior'

Murray went into full Frogger mode in hopping across the Floating Tiles to almost entirely eliminate the considerable lead Kretsch had developed on the earlier Ring of Fire obstacle.


Murray’s myriad talents extend far beyond employing real-life ninja moves in competition:

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For example, he can execute a flawless sliding dab after nailing a water bottle flip…

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He can nail a diver at distance with a dodge ball and catch the rebound on the fly…

He can pop up out of nowhere to lip sync “Bohemian Rhapsody” and engage in a pillow fight…

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And he can photobomb a handstand in a single bound.