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Seahawks running back Mashawn Lynch lent his “Beast Mode” nickname to a clothing line, but James “The Beast” McGrath may have given new meaning to the phrase with his latest performance on American Ninja Warrior.

Donned in pajama bottoms, and a blue tank top printed with “JUST BEAST IT” in neon-yellow letters, McGrath cruised through the Orlando Finals course up until the last obstacle. The curly-haired ninja had to go into full beast mode on the Invisible Ladder to eke out the final few feet.

After a herculean effort, McGrath managed to swing his feet through the hole leading to the platform to hit the buzzer. His time of 5:30.50 was more than a minute better than the only other contestant to complete the course.

James McGrath goes into beast mode on 'American Ninja Warrior'


Like any good super hero, McGrath holds down a very ordinary job when he’s not conquering obstacles. Some speculate his superhuman strength is the result of having been exposed to a bag of radioactive popcorn while working at the local movie theater.

His story was captivating enough for Vacation star Ed Helms to take notice…