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Finger football (aka paper flick football) is a popular study hall diversion in which paper folded into a triangle (the “football”) is flicked through a friend’s fingers held in the shape of a field goal posts.

Paper flick football illustration from Wikihow

Judging from its name, one would expect giant finger football to be the regular-sized game played with an oversized foam hand. Instead, the adjective “giant” refers to the paper football itself, and it is kicked rather than flicked.


A while back, Team Edge competed amongst themselves in a giant finger football game played on a rooftop astroturf field.

A photo posted by Team Edge (@itsteamedge) on

While Matthias, J-Fred and Bryan all sported normal-sized fingers, the paper football was truly ginormous.


Earlier, Kids With Problems (Matt Watson, Ryan Magee, Jackson Tucker) and Markiplier took the field against Team Edge in giant finger football’s debut. Blue-haired Markiplier‘s first kick was so powerful it went over the miniature stadium’s walls into the neighbor’s yard.

A photo posted by Markiplier (@markipliergram) on

Markiplier’s bootylicious effort officially makes him the Austin Rehkow of the fledgling sport.