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Back in 2017, vlogging sensation (and solar eclipse geek) Logan Paul’s meteoric trajectory took a brief plunge whilst testing out the Iron Maiden obstacle which was making its debut at the American Ninja Warrior Kansas City Finals. ANW veteran Grant McCartney demonstrated how to navigate the new-fangled pegboard, before Paul tried his luck.

Mitch Vedepo "The Science Ninja" scores high marks on ANW after Grant McCartney, Logan Paul test course

Paul, who has nearly 20 million subscribers on YouTube, showed early promise, but his grip gave out on the first of three pegged panels.


On the night of the actual competition, University of Kansas doctoral student Mitch Vedepo — better known as the Science Ninja — was one of the few contestants to reach the Iron Maiden.

Vedepo conquered the obstacle, but his grip gave out on the following Elevator Climb just short of the 30-foot-tall buzzer platform. Despite not finishing, the Science Ninja’s run was the best of the night and secured him a berth in the Vegas Finals in two weeks.


The second best run of the night belonged to five-foot-one “Muscle Ball” Tyler Yamauchi. A four-time All-American gymnast when he attended the University of Illinois, Yamauchi cruised through the obstacles before muffing his dismount from the Iron Maiden.