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The first week of February proved to be a newsworthy one for the felt-covered sideline entertainers more commonly known as mascots. First up, it was Nashville predators mascot Gnash getting an assist from WWE legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a sneak attack on a facsimile of Maple Leafs mascot Carlton the Bear.

Duggan waved off Gnash as he prepared to smash an acoustic guitar on Carlton’s backside, only to do the honors himself with a pine two-by-four.


A slightly more friendly mascot competition played itself out on The Tonight Show stage, where Jimmy Fallon hosted a dance off between USC mascot Tommy Trojan and UCLA mascot Joe Bruin.

Jimmy didn’t declare a formal winner between the two L.A. school proxies, but did bring out Hashtag the Panda for some final frenetic footwork betwixt the three.


Finally, Milwaukee Bucks mascot Bango couldn’t resist photobombing CSN’s Abby Chin during the game with the Boston Celtics. The anthropomorphic deer went high tech for his camera time, swinging into the camera frame atop a Segway.