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Michael Phelps announced his engagement today to former Miss California Nicole Johnson. Their on-again, off-again (and now on-again) relationship started in 2007, at which time Phelps had a measly six Olympic gold medals to his name.

With two more Olympic Games under his belt since he started dating Johnson, Phelps raised his gold medal haul to eighteen — evidently, more than enough to finally pop the question to his girlfriend. After accepting his proposal, Johnson proceeded to pin the world-class swimmer in the snow.


Phelps came out of retirement last April, and reportedly has his eyes set on padding his world-record haul of Olympic medals in 2016. With Johnson on board, we’ll likely see a trifecta of Phelps women rooting from the stands in Rio. In January, Phelps, his sister, Hilary, and Johnson visited the aquarium… where else?