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It wasn’t so long ago that recreational activities considered age-appropriate for people older than fifty were fairly limited in scope — swimming, golf, tennis and maybe some bocce ball. But the times, as Bob Dylan would say, they are a-changin’…


While many of his peers are losing the Battle of the Bulge, 53-year-old Darius Meeks follows a healthy diet and employs extreme bodyweight exercises to keeps his midsection a few abs short of a 12-pack.

Fitness over Fifty: Darius Meeks uses calisthenics to stay shredded

Just this year, Meeks supplemented his workout regimen with the vaunted muscle-up (a pull-up followed by a dip), which he mastered after just seven months of practice.


Art of Calisthenics: Darius Meeks stays in peak shape well past 50th birthday

Meeks maintains his tip-top shape with calisthenics, which the Brooklynite performs at any number of local parks five to seven days per week. The other key to his shredded physique is a diet in which he forgoes pork in favor of raw and steamed vegetables.