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On any given day, nearly 13 thousand trains are running on Indian Railway tracks, transporting more than 23 million people (which translates to 8.5 billion passengers per year). Of those riders, the vast majority are quite happy if they can find a seat and arrive at their destination with toes intact, but others willfully risk life and limb…


In Mumbai, stunt junkies find an escape from the slums in the dangerous sport of train surfing. These teenagers defy death out of boredom — hanging on to the outside of trains for a few exhilarating minutes of adrenaline rush.

Indian thrill seekers go train surfing in Mumbai

''My parents have told me not to hang out of the trains — it can be fatal. We ignore these things and continue doing our stunts.''

— Mumbai teen, on train surfing

In addition to putting their bodies in extreme danger, the daredevils risk police beatings and heavy fines for engaging in the illegal activity.


Despite the dangers, train surfers continue to pop up with regularity in India’s largest city where as many 6,000 people die per year in train-related accidents unrelated to thrill seeking.