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We pick up with The Great British Swim with Edgley being chased by bad weather…


Edgley may now be heading South – but any thoughts of it being an easy passage back to Margate were short lived. As storms batter the Scottish Coastline it was a tense time on the boat as the team tried to stay ahead of the bad weather and make it to English waters before it was too late.

Amid the weather woes — Edgley received news from home that left him stunned. On the up side, savory Scottish food made the hulking swimmer’s extreme caloric-intake requirements a breeze.


As Storm Ali battered the British coastline, Edgley and the crew were forced to take cover. And while the team wait out the storm cooped up on the boat – the progress-driven swimmer was forced to reflect on life back home and deal with his demons.

The question is, can Edgley remain focused enough to complete the final leg of the swim and get back to Margate? Fans and followers continued to buoy his spirit even the darkest moments.


No man is an island, as the saying goes, and the same can be said for Edgley, who is only able to take on this extraordinary challenge with the support of his dedicated crew. Responsible for navigation, nutrition and safety, they are the unsung heroes of the Great British Swim.

Through weekly vlogs and live broadcasts of the voyage, Edgley and his team want to leave you feeling motivated and ready as ever for your next big challenge. The Great British Swim pushes the boundaries of what the human body is capable of. How can you embody this test for yourself?

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