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When winter rolls around, most swimmers north of the 40th parallel generally retreat indoors to train, but some water warriors refused to be cowed by their favored medium transitioning from a liquid state to a crystalline solid.

Snow Swimming: Coming to a Winter Olympics near you

Just because snow swimming has yet to be included as an event at the Winter Olympics, that hasn’t kept teams from practicing for the eventuality.


In a valent effort to find Michael Phelps‘ winter sports counterpart, Rowan University men’s swimming team fielded seven athletes for a frozen 100m butterfly.

At Simon Fraser University the women’s swim team joined the men for a co-ed relay in the fluffy stuff…

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… while the foursome above completed a whole medley relay in just a few inches of snow.

A snow day in Duluth, Minnesota couldn’t keep these hearty souls from practicing their strokes.


It seems everywhere there is one finds powder on the ground, one will find speedo-clad swimmers ready to take the snow challenge.