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This #WorkoutWednesday Canadian food-and-fitness enthusiast Maddie Lymburner leads a couple of booty/leg workouts and one full-body blaster set to Ariana Grande’s hit songs. Working out has never felt so much like dancing…


Lymburner’s workout requires no equipment other than a body able and willing to be in near continuous motion for the duration of the song. If at first you can’t execute the moves to the beat, try doing them halftime (one move every two beats, instead of one).

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Some people say not to look back. That it isn't beneficial. I agree, but looking back at moments in time to allow yourself to understand how much progress you've made and how far you've come is so important ✨ don't dwell in the past, understand it and move forward, but take moments to look behind you and feel f*cking PROUD of how much you've grown.💛 what's something you're most proud of within yourself? A goal you've accomplished? I look back only a few years ago when I said "I want to be strong" almost laughing at the idea. I didn't see myself as a "strong" woman. I didn't believe in myself. That has changed drastically in the past few years, especially recently. I'm the strongest I've ever been both mentally and physically, and this is just the beginning 💪🏼✨

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No if, ands or butts about it, if you incorporate Lymburner’s intense booty-shaping workout into your weekly workout plan, then expect to look back with pride.


If you want to vary your booty/leg routine and still can’t get enough of Grande’s music, try Lymburner’s workout choreographed to “Boyfriend”.


Lastly, for a fierce full-body fiesta, give Lymburner’s workout synchronized to the beats of “Side to Side” a go and prepare to break a sweat.